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about us

twarchitects is a boutique architectural and interior design studio specialising in alterations and additions, refurbishments and new homes.

Established in Balmain in 2008 and with over 30 years experience, we are experts in negotiating approvals through Inner City Councils and Heritage Conservation Areas.

We have a reputation for clear and professional advice and have completed dozens of successful projects for our clients from small but beautiful updates, right through to large and complex projects.

our philosophy

Our goal is to create a home that will enhance your lifestyle and provide adaptable spaces for living, working and playing. 


This must be joyous as well as functional.

We seek to explore the structural expression of how a building goes together, and utilise materials and finishes that promote quality, simplicity and timeless design.


Our buildings work together with the natural environment to reflect what is distinctive about a site, our clients and our Australian lifestyle.

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what we do

Our professional and dedicated team provide both basic design and approval services, as well as complete packages for tendering and construction.

We also offer pre-purchase and general feasibility reviews to help you decide the best approach for your project.

All our services are customised to your own specific needs.

who we are

Tom Willis | TW Architects | Director
A+ Member | Australian Institute of Architecture
Nominated Architect

Thomas Wills

NSW Reg 7850


B.Sc.Arch, B. Arch

Little did Tom's parents know when they involved him as a ten-year-old in the design and build of their new architectural home that this would spark his interest in buildings and the value of good design - the beginning of his life-long passion for architecture. 

Tom is all grown up now. His qualifications include a BScArch and BArch from Syndey University. He is an A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects and a registered Architect with the NSW Board of Architects. As the director and principal architect of twarchitects, he has over 20 years' experience in architecture, interior design and construction industry.

'The inner city of Sydney has a fascinating history and is very much integral to modern Australian settlement. Balmain, in particular, is now undergoing a dramatic change from the working-class roots, to a more gentrified suburb. It's interesting and challenging to be part of this process'.

Collaboration is essential to Tom's relationships with his clients - often returning for several house builds - utilizing his experience and expertise to help fulfill their aspirations.

Julia Gordon | TW Architects | Senior Interior Designer


B.A (Interior Design) UTS
Senior Interior Designer

Julia is our style master. There is nothing that Julia can't do; she channels her resourcefulness and inventiveness into design and thrives on the intricacy of planning, and the finer project details. Inner city design provides the perfect eclectic mix of old, new and diversity for her to weave her design expertise. 

Julia Gordon has more than 25 years' experience in retail, hospitality, commercial and domestic interior design. Throughout her career, she has worked in conjunction with several leading Sydney architects, and believes that the creation of well-designed spaces is a highly collaborative affair.

Julia gets a kick out of seeing not only the joy clients' beautiful designed new home but their surprise at how design can transform their home into something impressive.

Top of her list is sustainable design and dreams of building a home using a collective of modern building techniques, ideas & materials, with a nod to the vernacular form of rural homesteads.

Sarah Genovese | TW Architects | Student Architect


Student Architect

A love of travel and her rich cultural background, Sarah is fascinated by how different cultures live and their universal need for quality spaces. Using architecture, Sarah works to create a social impact through carefully curated design and planning for the changing needs of families. 

Sarah Genovese graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney in 2018. She has traveled overseas throughout  her studies and was selected to travel to the US studying Modern American Architecture in 2016 and to Japan in 2017 for its emerging architectural style.

Sarah relishes the 3D design work. Watching the projects' design and planning emerge through a lens, as well as the clients beaming excitement when they are 'walked' through their new home, their dreams suddenly becoming tangible.

Besides her office famous home cooked roasts, Sarah is interested in fitness and expressions of art through poetry, drawing and film.

Francesca Caparelli | TW Architects | Student Architect


Architect & Interior Designer

Growing up in Italy, surrounded by beautiful cities, ancient and modern places, has influenced Francesca’s designs. She has honed her skills to create new designs that are sympathetic to the history or background, allowing the details to become a fundamental part of design and style choices.

Italian Architect and Interior Designer, Francesca Caparelli moved to Sydney in 2012, after graduating at 'Sapienza' University of Rome. She initiated her career in the Australian scene of architecture as a new challenge. Her experience includes retail and residential interiors and architecture, and she has gained expertise in planning and documenting. 
She believes design is a tool to shape her feelings and thoughts, to improve spaces and minds. She enjoys the whole process of design, resolving problems, creating and changing new details, building on them and improving until she gets it perfect.
Francesca is interested in any form of art, her passions are books, music, movies and cooking, and she makes a big deal of running.

LL_headshot 2.png


BSc. Arch, M.Arch

A childhood of creativity and curiosity began for Lance with his very first Lego set. Carefully following the instructions for where each brick goes, then rearranging all the pieces using his own imagination. The subtle building blocks of experimentation and expression would lead him on the path of design and construction.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Design in Architecture and Master of Architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney, Lance has cultivated a strong appreciation for community, sustainability and inclusivity by design.

He has spent the last 3 years on Mixed-use high rise apartments. These large scale designs highlighted the importance of communication and transparency needed for collaborative work. Now Lance finds fulfillment within residential houses. Intrigued by how architecture is an extension of one’s personality, he values the opportunity to engage with the client at the most intimate level, and to understand what makes their house into a home.

When he isn’t practicing architecture, Lance expresses his creativity through graphic design, videography, drawing and writing.

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